Brand Launch FAQs

Corporate Fact Sheet
July 28, 2016
Schuman Cheese Brands Shine at Competition
August 5, 2016

What is the news?

In conjunction with its 70th birthday, Arthur Schuman, Inc. is introducing a new name – Schuman Cheese – and celebrating this milestone with the launch of a new brand, Yellow Door Creamery.

Why is the change happening now?

Although the Schuman name has long been recognized as an industry leader, the new branding reflects an innovative and forward-thinking spirit that will allow the company to continue that success in the modern business environment. In addition, members of the fourth generation are now actively engaged in the Schuman Cheese business, so the time is right to recognize their contributions.

When will it take effect?

The name change is effective immediately. Over the next several months, the new name and logo will be integrated throughout the business.

How will the change affect partners and customers?

This is an exciting evolution for the Schuman brand, but customers and partners can be confident that they will receive the same exceptional products and service from Schuman Cheese they have come to rely on from Arthur Schuman, Inc.

What is next for Schuman Cheese?

With the opening of its first overseas offices in 2015, the Schuman Cheese business is primed for more growth. Several new products are in the pipeline for 2016, and Cello, the company’s flagship cheese brand, is undergoing a brand refresh of its own.

Where can I find Schuman Cheese products?

Schuman cheeses can be found across the country, from major retailers to small specialty cheese shops; from national chains to high-end restaurants; and from small mom-and-pop delis to large national food companies.