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Italian Cheese Leader Debuts New Name
June 24, 2016
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July 28, 2016


1945 (incorporated as Arthur Schuman, Inc. in 1946)


Arthur Schuman, along with sons Jerome and Howard, started the business with a passion for bringing the best Italian cheese to the American market. In the early days, the three traveled back and forth from New York to Italy, bringing home the best cheese they could find. With this, an Italian cheese brokerage and importing business was born.

Thanks to an adaptive and innovative culture, Schuman Cheese stays ahead in a dynamic industry and proactively anticipates the needs of its customers. Today, the business is proud to work with diverse network of partner cheese companies and customers around the globe.


To enhance everyday eating experiences with the highest quality cheese.


Fairfield, New Jersey


Neal Schuman, CEO (third-generation)



Schuman Cheese offers a host of expanded capabilities to complement its original import business. The Italian cheese leader is now applying decades of experience to flourish as a cheese maker, processor and product innovator.


A team of experts hand selects the best cheeses from around the globe.

Cheese Making:

Taking what its expert staff learned in Europe, Schuman opened its own plants, applying old-world techniques to make its own award-winning cheeses.


State-of-the-art facilities ensure Schuman can meet its customers’ exact needs, down to the packaging, shape, size and form.

Product Innovation:

An experienced and innovative marketing team works to bring new products and solutions to the market.



In 2015, Schuman Cheese launched the True Cheese truth in labeling initiative, which emphasizes the importance of quality and authenticity in cheese production. In addition to serving as a platform to educate about the artistry and integrity behind bona fide cheesemaking, True Cheese is a registered trademark and “trust mark” that assures consumers the products bearing this label do not contain excessive fillers.

Cheese Products:

Asiago, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Romano and specialty

Cheese Brands:

Argitoni, Bella Rosa, Busti, Cello, Dodoni, Garofalo, G. Carbonelli, Imperia, Mario Costa, Messana, Pastures of Eden, Tutta Bella, Yellow Door Creamery, Zanetti

Where to Buy:

Award-winning Schuman cheeses can be found across the country, from major retailers to small specialty cheese shops; from national chains to high-end restaurants; and from small mom-and-pop delis to large national food companies.

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