Expert Team

Not only have we spent years scouring the world for the finest cheeses, we’ve also worked diligently to assemble a top-rate team of experts to lead the Schuman Cheese business.

Neal Schuman


Neal has over 40 years of experience working with cheese makers and Schuman Cheese customers to deliver the best cheeses to the market. Neal is one of the world’s leading experts in cheese, and is always available to help our customers find the right fit for their needs.

Christophe Megevand

Executive Vice President/Head Cheesemaker

Christophe is our head cheesemaker. He started his career in the French Alps and today oversees all of our domestic cheese production. Christophe’s cheeses have won numerous gold medals in competitions over the past several years. He works with our Food Service & Ingredients customers to customize cheeses and functionality to meet their needs.

Ilana Fischer

VP of Strategy & Innovation

Ilana was a cheese monger at Murray’s Cheese and at Whole Foods Market and is a former strategy consultant. She leads our Innovation team and works closely with customers to help them develop new and innovative products for their businesses.

Ralph Hoffman

Executive Vice President, Risk Management & Food Ingredients

Ralph heads our risk management and ingredient sales division. Ralph’s background in business, financial modeling and commodities purchasing allows him to help our customers time their purchases to maintain cost consistency and visibility. He has helped many of our customers “beat the market” and insulate themselves from price fluctuations.

Vincent Angiolillo

Vice President, Engineering & Strategic Initiatives

Vincent is our in-house “MacGyver,” helping to develop operational and processing solutions to customer problems. He has spent his entire career in the cheese business and can make the impossible possible.

Allison Schuman

National Sales Manager

Allison spent time learning about cheesemaking in Italy and has a culinary degree from the International Culinary Institute, where she specialized in bread and pastry. Allison is an expert in cheese and serves as an advisor to many of our customers – teaching Cheese 101 training courses, developing recipes and serving as an all-around guide on all things cheese.

Lize Willers

Innovation Manager

Lize is our Innovation manager and has a culinary and marketing background. She is an artist and chef who can develop delicious recipes, gorgeous presentations, and inventive flavor combinations. Always on top of the newest trends, Lize is a fantastic brainstormer and the most energetic person on the team.