Our Italian cheeses are handcrafted by our artisan cheesemakers in the heart of America’s dairy land, Wisconsin. We use fresh milk from local farms to produce authentic Italian-style cheeses following traditional Italian methods.

Complementing our own domestic cheeses, we offer an impressive roster of imported cheeses, which come from the world’s finest artisan cheesemakers, who follow the traditional methods of their region to create cheeses with distinctive tastes and textures that reflect their origin.


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Copper Kettle

The rich, nutty flavor of authentic Italian Grana Padano is made in traditional copper kettles and aged over 20 months. A crunchy texture and robust flavor are the result of high-quality ingredients, brining in natural sea salt and aging in a temperature-controlled environment. Each wheel is hand-selected once its intense flavor profile has reached the peak of perfection for a true culinary delight.

Cello® Parmigiano Reggiano

Naturally aged to perfection for a minimum of 24 months, the Parmigiano Reggiano is brushed and turned continuously and regularly inspected to ensure compliance with the rigorous standards imposed by the Consortium of Parmigiano Reggiano. A delicate and savory taste with a rich, full flavor and a distinctive aroma are the signature features of this cheese.

Cello®Artisan Parmesan

A deep, nutty, caramel character is the result of the 12-plus months of natural aging each wheel undergoes to reach maturity. The complex composition makes it ideal for culinary applications, but distinctive enough to sit on a cheese board and enjoy with a glass of wine.



Cello® Traditional Romano

Under the watchful eye of the head cheesemaker, every wheel is delicately immersed in a brine solution of sea salt and water to seal in flavor. The cheese is then closely monitored and naturally aged for a minimum of six months to develop its light, distinctive flavor, ultimately delivering a classic Italian taste. The resulting slightly sharp, robust Italian flavor is the perfect complement to any Italian dish.

Cello® Pecorino Romano

Made from the fresh milk of sheep raised in the fertile pastures of Sardinia, Italy, each wheel can only receive a seal of approval after meeting strict quality standards and adhering to Consortium Pecorina Romano production regulations. Aged for at least nine months, this savory flavor and authentic brittle texture is excellent for seasoning sauces and topping pasta, soups and salads.


Cello® Hand Crafted Asiago

Made in small batches using methods steeped in Italian heritage, this buttery cheese with a hint of tang is mild yet assertive, boasting a robust, nutty depth. Its sophisticated essence can be eaten alone or lends a savory nuance to soups, salads and pasta.


Cello® Italian Style Fontal

The heritage of Italian cheese making is the key ingredient in Cello Riserva Italian Style Fontal. This cheese is delicately hand-crafted and carefully cured for over 60 days, imparting a smooth, creamy texture and mild, slightly sweet flavor. Italian Style Fontal is a wonderful table cheese and even more delightful when melted in paninis, used as an ingredient in pasta fillings and sauces, or generously sprinkled on top of rustic pizza and pasta dishes.


Cello® Rich & Creamy Mascarpone

Award-winning Cello Rich & Creamy Traditional Italian Style Mascarpone is crafted by artisans who take great pride in the Cello name. This award-winning cheese is made from fresh cows’ milk and sweet cream with no preservatives. Its delicate, sweet flavor and smooth consistency is hand-crafted, just like the expert mascarpone cheesemakers from Italy.

Cello® Thick & Smooth Mascarpone

Made from fresh milk and sweet cream, this old-world traditional flavor is perfect as a spread for bagels, or to top or fill French toast and crepes. Use it to frost a cake, or give cannolis a new dimension with a fresh, creamy filling. The rich flavor and smooth consistency also lend a boost to your favorite Italian sauces.


Garofalo Bufala Mozzarella

Handmade in the traditional make process using milk from a specially selected breed of bufala (Italian for buffalo) in the Campania region of Italy, each ball of mozzarella is individually wrapped and placed in its own water to be salted and aged to perfection. The result is a sweet and slightly sour flavor enhanced by its soft, smooth consistency.

Gorgonzola & Blue

MontforteTM Gorgonzola

Made with sea salt and fresh cows’ milk, this cheese is aged for 90 days to produce greenish marble veins and a soft, crumbly texture. The robust, piquant flavor is ideal for topping salads and burgers and as a base for rich cream sauces.

MontforteTM Blue

Crafted in the old-world tradition of artisan cheesemakers, Montforte Blue’s savory tangy flavor is enhanced by its characteristic blue marble veining, giving it smooth and creamy undertones that lend a decadent bite to a rich risotto and a host of other recipes.


Cello® Stravecchio Provolone

Imported from northern Italy, Cello Stravecchio Provolone is a cows’ milk cheese made using traditional methods and aged for over nine months. Winter milk is what gives this cheese its characteristic white paste. Provolone is a “pasta filata” cheese, which means it is stretched and molded into a long salami or oval madarino, then strung and hung to cure. This semi-hard cheese has a distinctive piquant, sharp flavor.

Grana Padano

Cello® Grana Padano

Produced in Northern Italy around the Po Valley, this cheese adheres to strict tradition and is regulated by the Consortium Grana Padano. An 18-month aging process results in a complex, nutty flavor with a crunch consistency is perfect as a topping on pasta, soups and salads, or alone as a snack.