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June 3, 2019
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Schuman Cheese Forges Partnership with Margot Fromages to Introduce Le Gruyère Via its Network of Foodservice Customers


(Fairfield, New Jersey) When a family of cheesemakers looks to expand its business, it only makes sense to align with a partner who shares a similar set of values – not just with regards to family, but also to making incredible, world-class cheese. It was no small amount of serendipity that brought Margot Fromages and Schuman Cheese together, but their new relationship means big things for the U.S. cheese market.

At the Summer Fancy Food Show (booth #554), Schuman Cheese will announce an exclusive new partnership with Margot Fromages. By way of this new relationship, Schuman Cheese is once again introducing a cheese to the U.S. market (much like it did now wildly popular Roquefort Blue in the 50s).

Founded in 1886 by Jules Margot, Margot Fromages is the only private, family-owned company specializing in the aging and ripening of Swiss Le Gruyère. The secret to the superior quality of Margot Le Gruyère lies in the naturally cool, humid and mineral-rich Margot Cave, which provides the ideal environment for the cheese to develop its distinctive aroma and texture.

“We pride ourselves on the ability to meet our customers’ demands for some of the world’s greatest cheeses, but we also challenge ourselves to continue building our inventory and finding new ways to celebrate exceptional cheese,” said Ian Schuman, a fourth-generation family member who leads the specialty cheese business unit.

Until recently, an exceptional Gruyère was missing from that list, and it’s an omission the Schumans were actively seeking to resolve, particularly since early in his career, CEO Neal Schuman spent time making Gruyère in Switzerland. It’s a cheese he ranks among his personal favorites.

Around the same time, the Margot family began seeking a partner who could help grow their export business. The Schuman name rose rapidly to the top of the list, and over the next few months the commonalities between the two became undeniable.

“The Margot family was incredibly, and understandably, selective about the partner they chose to share their cheese on a larger scale,” Ian Schuman said. “The synergies in everything from our approach to businesses to our shared love of hockey made it a natural evolution, and we’re honored to be the family with the privilege of introducing this incredible, authentic, high-end Gruyère to the U.S. market.”

Margot’s Le Gruyère is aged for 5 to 12 months under the watchful eye of the cave masters who determine when each wheel has aged to perfection. Creamy and mild at five months, Le Gruyère develops a more complex, salty and earthy flavor the longer it ages.

Le Gruyère, which will initially be available exclusively for food service customers, offers a distinctively nutty and fruity flavor with a creamy texture ideal for fondue, artisan grilled cheese, wraps, quiches and more. Six-month, 10-month and 12-month quarters (20 pounds each) and king cuts (4.5 pound loaves) will be offered initially, although formats may expand in the future to answer customer needs. Foodservice operators interested in learning more can call 972-227-0030.


The allure of cheese. It’s what drives Schuman Cheese to enhance everyday eating experiences. For four generations, Schumans have been enamored by incredible cheeses, like the King of Parmesan they’ve partnered with the Zanettis to deliver since 1945 and the latest addition, a sensational Gruyère from Margot Fromages in Switzerland. Decades of access to the world’s finest cheeses even inspired the family to assemble a team of skilled cheesemakers to craft their own world-class cheeses in Wisconsin. Discover the distinctive cheeses and latest innovations Schuman Cheese delights in sharing at