Cheese Knives & Tools

You can use regular knives to cut cheese, but it’s always satisfying to use a specially designed tool. If you appreciate cheese, you’ll want at least a few of the following cheese knives.

1. Fork-Tipped Spear:

This “go-to” tool gets a lot of use cutting and slicing a variety of firm cheeses. Its fork tip can be used to serve cheese to your guests.

2. Small Spade:

Use a small spade to cut or chunk wedges of hard cheeses.

3. Hard Cheese Knife:

Hard cheeses are very popular, which means this knife will get regular use.

4. Gorgonzola Knife:

If you enjoy Gorgonzola and bleu cheeses, you’ll appreciate this specialized utensil. Use its sharp blade to cut into wheels and wedges and its routed tip to easily spread cheese on crusty breads and crackers.

5. Open Work Blade Knife:

The special design of this knife’s blade makes it easy to cut soft cheeses like Brie.

6. Rind Cutter:

This tool scores the rinds of hard cheeses quickly and neatly.

7. Flat Spatula Knife:

This long, thin spatula is used for cutting away excess rind and dividing small wedges.

8. Almond Knife:

A classic all-purpose knife, the almond knife is perfect for scoring the rind of hard cheeses, opening wheels, dividing wedges and chunking cheeses into bite sizes.

9. Spade:

A spade does heavy-duty work cutting wedges and chunks of hard cheeses.

10. Soft Cheese Knife:

Soft cheeses are essential for any cheese plate. Use this knife to spread soft cheeses on crackers and other accompanying foods.

11. Cheese Fork:

Use a cheese fork to hold a block of cheese in place while you cut or slice with a knife. It also is ideal for breaking hard, aged cheeses or softer, crumbly cheeses.

12. Flat Cheese Knife:

A flat cheese knife is most often used for cutting crumbly soft cheese or shaving, chipping and cubing firm cheese.

13. Narrow Plane Knife:

A narrow plane knife is useful for cutting many types of cheeses, from semi-firm cheeses like Jack, Cheddar or Jarlsberg, to soft cheeses such as Brie or Camembert.