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Cello® Whisps

Cello Whisps are made from just one delicious ingredient – cheese – and baked into flavorful, airy crisps ideal for snacking or topping your favorite recipes. Adding to the original award-winning Parmesan and Cheddar varieties, new Asiago & Pepper Jack Whisps now adds a third flavor to the line. Award-winning Cello Asiago adds a nutty, savory taste that complements the peppery heat for a surprisingly complex flavor in every whispy, crispy bite.


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Yellow Door Creamery

Yellow Door Creamery is home to the most innovative cheesemakers and chefs in the industry. By taking an experimental approach to a traditional category, the Creamery leads with a unique, off-the-beaten path and optimistic approach to cheesemaking.

Alpine Collection

This new specialty line is inspired by the complex, extraordinary flavors of cheese from the Swiss Alps but handcrafted in Wisconsin with cow’s milk sourced exclusively from local family farms. Produced in small batches in copper vats, each hand-smeared semi-hard wheel is then cured in caves using natural Alpine aging techniques. The flavor is so rich, so decadent, you can taste the passion and artistry head cheesemaker Christophe Megevand poured into creating this collection that pays homage to his home region.

Altu: Boasts a royal complexity of aroma and flavor; the taste is fruity at first, but finishes earthy and nutty

Monteau: Delivers the perfect balance of taste with intense fruity flavors, along with hints of butter and hazelnut

Valis: Creamy delight; sweet and nutty with a pleasant aroma, it melts like a dream


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Yellow Door Creamery

Hand Rubbed Fontina

Smooth and creamy Fontina wheels are hand-rubbed with vibrant spice blends from around the globe and naturally aged for over 60 days.

Harissa: A smoky blend of chili, cumin and caraway seed creates an exotic combo with the fontina’s rich and nutty flavor.

Habanero & Lime: The aromatic blend of habanero and lime creates citrusy finish to every bite of rich, nutty heat.

Tuscan: A classic blend of Italian herbs and spices pairs perfectly with the rich and nutty fontina flavor.


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