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Our dedicated innovation team is continually working to bring new products and solutions to the market.

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Cello® Whisps

Cello Whisps are made from just one ingredient, Cello’s brand new Cheddar Cheese or Cello’s award-winning Parmesan Cheese, and baked into flavorful, airy, crispy bites ideal for a guilt-free snack.

Yellow Door Creamery

Yellow Door Creamery is home to the most innovative cheesemakers and chefs in the industry. By taking an experimental approach to a traditional category, the Creamery leads with a unique, off-the-beaten path and optimistic approach to cheesemaking. Two of the latest innovations include:

Brilliant Blue

Available in sliceable, meltable, individaully wrapped 2-ounce portions and mini cubes that eliminate the “dust” common to blue cheese, cellar-aged Brilliant Blue is a brilliant solution to help blue cheese lovers enjoy their favorite cheese.


Hand Rubbed Fontina

Smooth and creamy Fontina wheels are hand-rubbed with vibrant spice blends from around the globe and naturally aged for over 60 days.

Harissa: A smoky blend of chili, cumin and caraway seed creates and exotic combo with the fontina’s rich and nutty flavor.

Habanero & Lime: The aromatic blend of habanero and lime creates citrusy finish to every bite of rich, nutty heat.

Tuscan: A classic blend of Italian herbs and spices pairs perfectly with the rich and nutty fontina flavor. Hand-Rubbed-Fontina