Specialty Imports

Since our founding, we have worked to bring the best cheeses to the American market. Originally our focus was on Italian cheeses, but today we also import a range of unique and exotic cheeses from all around the world. Our highly talented cheese-buying experts scour the globe hand-selecting the best cheeses to bring home from places like Europe and South America and beyond.

Margot Le Gruyère

Margot Fromages is the only private, family-owned company specializing in the aging and ripening of Swiss Le Gruyère. Margot’s Le Gruyère is aged for 5 to 12 months under the watchful eye of the cave masters who determine when each wheel has aged to perfection. Le Gruyère, which will initially be available exclusively for food service customers, offers a distinctively nutty and fruity flavor with a creamy texture ideal for fondue, artisan grilled cheese, wraps, quiches and more.


The careful selection of milk and methods established by the founding Busti family members have not changed through the years. These traditional methods include using salt exclusively from Volterra; hand-forming cheese; using natural products including extra virgin olive oil, tomato paste and renowned white truffles from San Miniato; and slowly maturing wheels on spruce wood shelves and beds of straw in controlled and natural environments.


Recognized around the world as the leading producer of Greek PDO Feta Cheese, Dodoni uses top quality milk from sheep and goats that graze the pastures of the Epirus region of Greece. True authentic Greek flavors are apparent throughout the brand’s product line, which includes Dodoni Greek PDO Feta Cheese, PDO Barrel Aged Feta Cheese, PDO Organic Feta Cheese, Goat Cheese, PDO Kefalograviera, Kefalotyri and Dry Myzithra.

El Pastor

At the base of the medieval town of Benavente in the agriculturally rich Zamora region of Spain sits one of the most quality-driven and innovative cheese companies in Europe. Quesos El Pastor is a third-generation family-owned company and is regarded as the preeminent producer of Iberico, Castellano and Zamorano in Spain. In addition, the company makes some of the best fresh goat cheese in the world.

Garofalo Bufala Mozzarella

Handmade in the traditional make process using milk from a specially selected breed of bufala (Italian for buffalo) in the Campania region of Italy, each ball of mozzarella is individually wrapped and placed in its own water to be salted and aged to perfection. The result is a sweet and slightly sour flavor enhanced by its soft, smooth consistency.


Schuman Cheese has been the exclusive agent for Zanetti for four generations. Zanetti is the largest producer of Grana Padano in Italy; hundreds of thousands of wheels of Grana Padano and its other signature cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano, are curing at all times. Zanetti Grana Padano has the highest market share in the United States, as does Zanetti‘s Parmigiano Reggiano. This is a testament to the high, consistent quality of the Zanetti products.

The Little Milk Company

A cooperative of 10 family-owned dairy farms in the Irish provinces of Munster and Leinster are the source of some of the finest cheeses available. Each farm relies on organic farming methods to produce the highest quality milk from grass-fed herds of Jersey and Montbeliarde cows. This great-tasting milk and traditional cheese making techniques are the foundation of an award-winning line of handmade and hand-turned cheeses, including the trio of distinctive cheddars offered by Schuman Cheese.